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"Our experience and expertise makes it possible for FDS to take on projects that other marine divers can't or won't do."

Services - FDS Marine International, LLC

• Any & All Diving
If it's underwater, FDS Marine International can handle it, or we'll tell you what can make it happen.
• Casualty Response
FDS Marine is available 24/7, worldwide, to deal with your under water emergency, including cable repair.
• Vessel in Peril
Every situation is different but, if the issue is under water, FDS Marine accepts responsibility for repair of and/or assistance to a vessel in peril. We have a wide range of experts on our bench, and can connect you to the right specialists, if your problem is beyond our scope.
• Underwater Inspection and Assessment
• Ship Survey
FDS Marine is available to inspect and assess any underwater issues with your vessel.
• Underwater Salvage
• Underwater Repair
• Underwater Construction
FDS Marine is equipped to handle the underwater portion of your project, and can provide the knowledge, if you do not have it already.
• Welding & Steel Fabrication
FDS Marine can also design and provide custom fabricated pieces to solve your unique issue.
• Environmentally Sensitive
FDS Marine can work to any environmental standards your project needs to meet. Our divers are trained in low-impact environmental work, and our equipment is rigorously inspected and maintained.
• 0-Visibility
FDS Marine staff are trained and equipped to work in 0-visibility situations.
• Fast Water Solutions
FDS Marine staff are experienced at working under fast water conditions.
• 24/7 Worldwide Emergency Response
• Underwater Video & Photography
FDS Marine can access a wide range of equipment for your underwater recording needs.
• Hydro & Reservoir
FDS Marine staff are experienced and trained for underwater dam and reservoir work.
• Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV)
FDS Marine can access a wide range of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) depending on the needs of your project.