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Experience, Knowledge, Commitment

Stambaugh acknowledges that his profession can be difficult and sometimes downright dangerous.

"A lot of guys drop out of the industry young," he says. "They're always asking me when I plan to give it up.

I tell them, 'Never.' "







Projects - FDS Marine International, LLC



Salvage is one of our specilties. See some successful salvage projects.



FDS Marine is equipped to handle the underwater portion of your project, and can provide the knowledge, if you do not have it already. See some of our projects.

Inspection & Assessment


FDS Marine Divers and crews are available to inspect and asses any underwater issue or situation. See some of the projects FDS has done.

Decontamination & Environment


FDS Marine is able to work to anyrequired environmental standards with divers who are trained in low-impact environmental work.

Rapid Response & Tricky Situations


"Our experience and expertise makes it possible for FDS to take on projects that other marine divers can't or won't do."