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Stambaugh acknowledges that his profession can be difficult and sometimes downright dangerous.

"A lot of guys drop out of the industry young," he says. "They're always asking me when I plan to give it up.

I tell them, 'Never.' "







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The Lady Cecilia and its crew of four were lost at sea in March 2012. The Coast Guard contracted FDS Marine to locate and examine the wreck of the Lady Cecilia using a remote operating vehicle (ROV), which discovered it in approximately 317-feet of water.

The best way to understand how complicated this is is to imagine someone telling you that your car is parked somewhere in the Portland metropolitan area. And to find it, you have go on foot, in the dead of night, with no light. 

The ROV operations by FDS Marine were conducted off the Coast Guard Cutter Fir, to assist Coast Guard Investigators to determine the cause of the sinking.

The ROV provided underwater video that showed no sign of collision or structural failure. But crab lines, fishing net lines and nets made it impossible for the robot to get too close to the Lady Cecelia, a trawler that used nets to drag for fish on the bottom of the ocean. 

Lady Cecelia on blue ray sonar.
FDS crew preparing the ROV to dive
ROV footage of the Lady Cecelia under 300 + feet of water.


FDS Divers entering the water to perform an underwater survey of the ship's hull.


FDS divers in contamination gear being lowered for internal inspection of sewer outfall.