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Stambaugh acknowledges that his profession can be difficult and sometimes downright dangerous.

"A lot of guys drop out of the industry young," he says. "They're always asking me when I plan to give it up.

I tell them, 'Never.' "







Decontamination & Environmental Issues -
FDS Marine International, LLC

image The ship, Milos Reefer grounded in 1989 at the Glory of Russia Cape on St. Matthew Island, about 800 miles west of Anchorage, Alaska. The ship was carrying 350,000 gallons of fuel oil when it grounded in 1989, and spilled about 237,000 gallons at that time.

Efforts to remove the remaining oil from the ship were tried in the summer of 1990 but abandoned because of safety concerns and the remoteness of the site. Since then, stormy weather and rough seas broke the ship into two pieces.

The wreck was assessed, and salvage of the vessel was determined to be too costly by the owner, so all remaining oil, chemicals, contaminants and any environmental hazards were removed. The wreck was certified as non hazardous. The vessel remains in place as wildlife habitat.

image FDS divers in contamination gear being lowered for internal inspection of sewer outfall.