FDS Marine International, LLC

Experience, Knowledge, Commitment

"FDS Marine can work to any environmental standards your project needs to meet. Our divers are trained in low-impact work, and our equipment is rigorously inspected and maintained."

Exclusive Services - FDS Marine International, LLC

Beyond providing divers and equipment, FDS Marine can contract for overall project management and other specialized services that can solve or prevent problems in a timely and flexible manner. "No cure--No Pay", and "Not to Exceed" contracts are available for most projects.

By contract, FDS provides exclusive:

• Consultation
FDS Marine has experts available to help you plan, schedule, and organize the underwater portions of your project, and avoid costly mistakes and/or delays.
• Salvage Master Services
FDS Marine International can provide you a Salvage Master to oversee and coordinate your project.
• Specialized Diving Related Dredging
FDS Marine can provide you with dredging in tricky or difficult situations.
• Naval Architect
FDS Marine has Naval Architects available to help plan your project or adjust it due to unforseen circumstances.
• Structural Engineering
FDS Marine has Structural Engineers available that are experienced in underwater design and construction issues.