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FDS Marine International, LLC

Experience, Knowledge, Committment, Environmentaly Sensitive

•Any & All Diving,
•Casualty Response
•Vessel in Peril
•Underwater Construction
•Underwater Salvage
•Underwater Repair
•Salvage Master
•Specialized Dredging
•Naval Architect
•Environmentally Sensitive
•Fast Water Solutions
•24/7 Worldwide

Exclusive Services by Contract. ...(details)

FDS Marine works projects of all sizes, in all kinds of circumstances. FDS has operated over most of the US and around the world. "Our reputation is the reason we were contracted for projects in Canada, Russia and Mexico to complete jobs that other companies couldn't or wouldn't do". ...(examples)

FDS Marine does diving and construction work all over the world. With three generations of dive experience behind him, Fred Devine Stambaugh established FDS Marine in Portland, OR, and provides a crew of trained and experienced professionals in underwater salvage and construction ...(more)

FDS Marine International, LLC
PO Box 2146
Fairview, OR 97024

fdsmarinedives@aol.com Or individually ...

Employment Opportunities

FDS can employ all levels of divers. We will actually review your resume and keep it on file based on our evaluation!

email or mail resumes: ATTN: Dave

Four generations of knowledge and experience in diving and underwater construction, an internationally trained crew, state of the art equipment, and a committment to excellence.

FDS Marine International can offer our clients quality services at competitive and affordable prices.

FDS is available for normal construction, salvage, and inspection projects as well as emergency response worldwide.

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